Majestic Lighthouse Art
Majestic Lighthouse Art

Art with a Purpose


I've vistied over 80 lighthouses. My love of lighthouses has not only transformed the way I travel, but the way I live. When I am not traveling to a lighthouse, I am often writing about or painting lighthouses.
My favorite memories are of this lightship in London, which is converted into a music studio and an abandoned lighthouse on the campus of New Orleans University. In these paintings, I capture their eternal essence-undaunted by time and circumstance. 
To to learn more about me check out my feature in United States Lighthouse Society Newsletter

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Save a Wildlife Refuge and St. Marks Lighthouse, too!

Join me in Paint the Parks effort to conserve nature for the enjoyment and benefit of present and future generations. 
When you buy lighthouse art on my Paint the Parks page 10% of your purchase is donated to the Friends of St. Marks Wildlife Refuge. The friends group is a 501 (c) non profit corporation. All (100%) of your contributions go to support Refuge programs, projects and St. Marks Lighthouse. 
St. Marks Lighthouse is the second oldest lighthouse surviving in Florida. The keeper's house is attached to the 88 foot tower constructed in 1831. It is on the National Register of Historic Sites. Recently restored to its former glory, St. Marks Lighthouse reopened to the public in September 2018 and in October a relighting ceremony was held on its 88th birthday. Your donations help continue the preservation efforts at St. Marks Lighthouse. 

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