Voices of Lighthouses
Voices of Lighthouses

Lighthouses guide us through storms

Southern Lighthouses 

Southern hospitality and pristine shorelines beckon you to these historic lighthouses. 



European Lighthouses

From upside down lighthouses to the Fresnel lens, Europe has lead the way in lighthouse innovation. 


Great Lakes Lighthouses

There are more lighthouses located on the Great Lakes than any where else in the US.



Florida Lighthouses

Escape to the Sunshine State with tropical palms, serene beaches and iconic lighthouses.

New York Lighthouses

Discover lighthouses that solidified the Empire State as a world economic power.

New England Lighthouses

Explore the New England coast where lighthouses were first built in the United States. 

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

Experience Your Favorite Lighthouse Memories thru Art 

My art is shaped by my childhood trips to Fort George Island, Florida with my father and my passion for history. While he fished, I played on the jetties and splashed in the ocean with my siblings. This is why water is an integral part of my art as a reference, an influence or medium. My expressionist watercolor paintings capture a unique moment in time and have an underlining story.
I have painted lighthouses in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Massachusetts, New England, New York, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. My favorite memories are of this lightship in London, which is converted into a music studio and an abandoned lighthouse on the campus of New Orleans University. 
Visit  my "About Me" page to learn about me. 
You can also check out the article "Lighthouses as Inspiration" in the United States Lighthouse Service Newsletter.