Majestic Lighthouse Art
Majestic Lighthouse Art

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I've vistied over 80 lighthouses. My love of lighthouses has not only transformed the way I travel, but the way I live. When I am not traveling to a lighthouse, I am often writing about or painting lighthouses.
My favorite memories are of this lightship in London, which is converted into a music studio and an abandoned lighthouse on the campus of New Orleans University. In these paintings, I capture their eternal essence-undaunted by time and circumstance. 
To to learn more about me check out my feature in United States Lighthouse Society Newsletter

Shattering the Lens Exhibit Sept 24-Oct 20

New Canal Lighthouse New Canal lighthouse holds the record for female light keepers.

Shattering the Lens, an exhibit at the National Lighthouse Museum in Staten Island, New York sheds light on the dynamic impact of female lighthouse keepers.​


With five female keepers, New Canal may hold

record for the most female light keepers.


Margaret Norvell who faithfully served for nearly 41 years is remembered for her valiant rescues. 


The lighthouse has been rebuilt several times and one lighthouse was auctioned.


The present New Canal Lighthouse is a replica that was built after severe damage from Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita in 2005.


The wood from the 1890 lighthouse is now a part of the current 2013 lighthouse.

National Lighthouse Museum

Voices of Lighthouses Exhibit Sept 21-Oct 20

The Little Red Lighthouse.

Discover the compelling story within my radiant paintings at the Voices of  Lighthouses exhibit at the Lilac Preservation in Manhattan, New York


Like the pulsing rays from the lens, each painting releases the soul of a lighthouse. My  paintings exude peace, beauty and wonder. 


Don’t miss the FREE exhibit, Voices of Lighthouses, Sept 21-October 20 at the Lilac Preservation Project. See evocative, colorful and affordable prints at the Lilac Preservation Project docked at Pier 25 in Manhattan, New York. 


The Lilac is a retired Coast Guard cutter that transported supplies to lighthouses. It is America’s only surviving steam-powered lighthouse tender. 

Lilac Preservation Project




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