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Shattering the Lens 

St. Augustine Lighthouse.
























"While women were shut out of most professions in the 19th century. They were permitted to be lightkeepers." 
Hannah Thomas is recognized as the first female Lightkeeper. She served as Lightkeeper at Robbins Reef Light while her husband fought in the Revolutionary War in 1776.
Maria Andreu is the first Hispanic-American to serve in the Coast Guard and the first to command a federal shore installation. She was a Lightkeeper for St. Augustine Lighthouse, 1859-1861. 
Ida Lewis was a Lightkeeper at Lime Rock Station, 1879-1911. For a time, she was the highest paid Lightkeeper. She became the first woman to receive a gold Congressional Medal for lifesaving. However, she received "criticism that it was unladylike for women to row boats." Lewis replied, "None-but a donkey would consider it 'unfeminine' to save lives.,


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